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AXENTO Gérance is a new player in the Luxembourgish real estate sector.

We specialize in the management of joint property as well as commercial buildings and do so by putting the accent on the customer and his individual needs.


As the joint property manager (« syndic ») of your building, Axento is the legal representant of the syndicate of co-ownership (« syndicat des copropriétaires »)
and takes care of the day-to-day management of the building and its common areas, in line with the legislation as well as your specific needs.


We implement the condominium rules (« règlement de copropriété ») as well as the decisions taken in the general meetings (« assemblée générale ») as defined by the Luxembourgish law and ensure that these rules are respected by all residents of the building.

We assist the syndicate in any legal situation and take care of all administrative steps that are necessary for a diligent management of your real estate assets.

We manage the building and ensure its conservation at the best possible price, making sure that your property stays competitive in a fierce market.


We permanently keep the residents informed about the decisions taken in the general meetings as well as any other actions taken by the syndicate.

We keep an eye on all day-to-day expenses and regularly renegotiate the contracts with our suppliers in order to assure cost-effective management.
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We establish provisional budgets for the year as well as quarterly follow-ups, allowing for a more detailed analysis of the necessary expenses.

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In an ever-changing real estate environment, keeping a buildings maintenance costs at a
constantly low level gives a competitive edge to both its owners and tenants.
Because it is our priority to give you this advantage, we put in place:

Our framework contracts, which we individually negotiated with a range of suppliers to guarantee the lowest rates possible.

A regular analysis of the buildings energy consumption.

A quarterly budget analysis, allowing us to quickly identify and react to any inconsistencies.

Gas and electricity supply at low prices.


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